Intec Welding Technology

Our welding technology offers a versatile and widespread amount of current welding equipment.

 We are covering the following areas:

employment protection oder work protection
chemical- technical products
pressure reducer – hoses (flexible tubes) and compressed-air- equipment
autogenous propan (Fachausdruck für „autogen schneidbar“: suitable for thermal cutting
spot-welding and stud-welding
sheet metal forming



Worldwide Shopping Skills

As an independent business enterprise we have to prove our abilities every day. Choosing relieble providers takes experience, know-how and competence.

Demand Based

Our clients have different needs depending on their size and mechanical configuration. Our offers aim to satisfy these diverse demands.

Individual Customer Care

With our offers we try to listen and respond to the customer´s individual wishes. Therefore, it is important to us to know our customers very well.