Consulting Philosophy

Line of buisness

Intec Technology GmbH is a professional and capable provider of technical components in SMT production.

Our vision

Our vision is, to be a steady partner on the european market in the area of SMT.

Our mission

Our company stands for exactly understanding our clients needs and delivering reliably and competitively-priced on set dates. Flexibility is our strength.

Our quality policy

The quality of our products is significant for the success of the company. To long-term guarantee this quality, a quality-management-system after ÖNORM EN ISO 9001 was established.The director of the company (oder auch CEO = chief executive officer) constantly checks the effectiveness of the QM-system while management-reviews.The QM-system includes the following quality-goals, which are set from the business management:
➢    minimizing customer complains
➢    ensuring on-time delivery
Every employee is committed making a personal contribution to the implementation of this quality policy and supporting all activities which provide an efficient quality control.

Our basic principles

The needs of our clients take center stage of our activities. We are a professional provider in our business area. We want to be the best long-term partner for our clients in our buisness areas. It is important for us to make a contribution to the success of our business partners. We aim for a long-term, cooperative and mutually profitable business connection with our providersand subcontractors. We see our providers as professional partners, who help to achieve a satisfying solution for the client together.Our owners top priority is to generate the planned proceeds to guarantee the financial power for future investments and to assure the company. Qualified and achievement-oriented employees are the most valuable asset of our company. Our employees think and act entrepreneurial and self-dependent and take the initiative to guarantee and ensure the business success.The advancement and encouragement of the employees are requirements to reach the company's goals.

Our values & our buisness culture

we always act according to the law and all official directives. Our installation and process-organisation, as well as the technical equipment are constantly adapted to the requirements. The relationships to our business partners are built in order to ensure long-term benefits for both sides.We do not discriminate against others, irrespective of their country of origin, the colour of their skin, their religious beliefs or their sexual orientation. We act with friendliness and sincerity.

Franz Schmid
General Manager